Universal Expansion

Turn ON your life.

On this sacred day, Vanessa will help you re-connect back with yourself, maybe in a way you never have before. Through her education, work with students, and her own personal spiritual journey, she has created a program based around bringing you to complete awareness of the self. Guiding you home to the deepest part of your soul, to awaken you to clarity and full alignment in your life. She believes from this space of full openness and ‘ego death’ is where we can fully let go of the blocks that have been keeping you “stuck” or feeling “unfulfilled”.

Through her teachings about the energy body, chakras and traumas, emotional intelligence, and ‘turning on’ your life alongside the implementation of sacred plant medicine - she helps you bring your shadows to light and realign you to your highest embodied life path.  If you are feeling called to tap into your self in a way that will forever shift your state of being, she invites you to join her on this magical journey. Time to come home.