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Are you truly ready to shift yourSELF? Have you been feeling a deep disconnected from life/ love? Maybe you feel that you are blocking your own blessings because of past trauma and limiting beliefs?

Inner work is the real level-up to LITERALLY change your outer life.

Certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching School, she also uses her compiled knowledge of the human body, mind, emotions, and how we work with energy to bring YOU back to homeostasis in all things and passion back into your life.

She helps you tap into your subconscious, beyond what you see or know. To turn you ON to your power as the divine creator. She teaches you how to hold the light for yourself as she walks you home, to the deepest part of YOU.

Re-connect. Re-align. Re-awaken.
Embody your new vibration.


1-1 Medicine Ceremony

If you are feeling called to take a deep inward journey, to uncover your truest self, tap into your potential, remove blocks, or if you are feeling the need to make a big shift if your life, but are feeling “stuck” this sacred medicine will show you everything you are ready to see. Vanessa guides you and holds space for you on your inward journey, allowing all truths to be uncovered as she mirrors back to you the light within. She walks you home and reminds you that you are the magic.


Ecstatic Dance + Turned ON

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Through free movement, awareness, and intention, Vanessa guides you on an inward journey to the deepest parts of your soul to help you release traumas, and emotional blocks from the body. With intention and full presence she empowers you to align to your highest timeline and turn ON your life.


Private Yoga + Meditation

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