Movement. Medicine. Meditation.
You are everything you will ever need. I'm just going to reflect back who you are.
Welcome home.
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About Vanessa

My spiritual awakening journey began in 2018. I was in what seemed like a "perfect life" outside, but within I was so far from myself and I didn't know how I got there, and even less how to get myself out. In my pure rawness of deep emotions, confusion, heavy sadness and agony did I surrender unknowingly; instantly experiencing my first connection to divine love. I felt an outside energy shower me with the most pure infinite love, and all else was washed away from my being. As if love was hugging me...

This was the start of my path to self healing allowing me to experience one extreme side of disconnect with myself, to years later embodying true connection to the divine within. It is not until we allow ourselves to crumble in the face of the false stories we tell ourselves that we can fully feel truth within.

My purpose on this planet is to be what I needed during my journey, to be the light of your reflection. To teach you the tools, practices, and how to be with your-self, essentially leading a life from this sacred space, to flow instead of force. I am here to help awaken you back to you, to your essence, your magic, your divinity, and to your limitless power in creating your heaven on earth.

You are the Magic,

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